Tip that is Guaranteed to Close More Deals

Your product or service is great. There is no question in your mind, otherwise you wouldn’t be selling it. Unfortunately, when we are this passionate about our product we sell it to ourselves. We use the points in our pitch that WE would want, that WE find valuable, or that WE find compelling.

Oops! Back-up. Read that last sentence again. WE, WE, WE. We had better get the prospective buyer’s opinion into the sell equation at some point.

Here is the moneymaker: Ask them what would make them a buyer!

Here is the technique I use in all of my sales:

      Okay, and are those the same things that are most important to your decision in selecting a lead management system
      Excellent, well icoSales definately meets those requirements (of course it does because it is the best product on the market and we built the product specifically to meet the needs of our market) and I will make sure that I highlight them specifically as we go through the demo.
      [Proceed with your sales process]
      [Move in for the closing…]
      Buyer, we have been through the demo and you saw where our product met you needs on 1, 2, and 3. Was that clear in the demo?
      Buyer’s reply: Yes, Yes, Yes
      Excellent, we are looking forward to increasing your revenue and conversion rate. What date would you like to schedule your implementation?

Ask your prospects what they want. Show them how you meet and exceed those needs. Get them saying Yes. And you will close more deals!

2 responses to “Tip that is Guaranteed to Close More Deals

  1. suravi banerjee

    i wanted an information on face to face interaction, please could you help me with those information?

    what is catch th customer, why is it needed and how it can be done to increase the sale of a new food product?

  2. I am not sure I understand the question, but a lot of sales are closed without face-to-face interaction.

    Relationships typically consist of trust and mutually beneficial interactions. Neither of these elements necessarily require looking one another in the eye. In fact you can search the blog on rapport building to get ideas on how to do that over a phone or even in a single call close set-up.

    Good luck!

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