Sales Leads Are Too Valuable For Sales People Alone

Brian Carroll definately gets the closed loop that has to exist between marketing and sales.

Each has it’s role and lead management ties them together:

Sales is Experience, Perception, and Trust

Because the sales team is responsible for much of the customer’s perception of the company, concerted care must go into developing the ongoing, relevant communications that the sales team will employ as it builds relationships with customers.

Marketing is Awareness, Education, and Information

Marketing should nurture leads via a relevant and consistent dialog with prospects, regardless of their timing to buy.’ A key aspect of lead nurturing is the ability to provide valuable education and information to prospects up front, so that you become more than an expert; you become a trusted advisor.’

Lead Management is integration, feedback, analysis, and accountability

Kate Maddox’s article in BtoB Magazine, ‘Integration Key to Lead Generation,’ emphasizes the need for close sales and marketing integration. The article is based on a recent white paper, as well as research by CSO Insights.’

(Via B2B Lead Generation Blog.)


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