Increasing Closings and Conversion with a Huddle

Brian Carroll releases some more critical information on maximizing the return on your lead generation dollars. He equates the critical feedback loop to the team huddle:

Closed Loop Feedback: The Missing Lead Generation Huddle: “

In team sports, the huddle is crucial to the success of the team. While in the huddle, the team looks at their performance on the last play, including: what worked and what didn’t, and then uses this feedback to decide their strategy on the next play.’

Those of us involved in the complex sale can learn a lot from the team huddle.’ Lead generation is an iterative process that requires consistent closed loop feedback. Closing the loop on a regular basis allows you to constantly learn from each interaction. Closed-loop feedback – the principle of eliciting a continuous flow of pertinent information from the sales team – tracks each qualified lead from start to end, whether to sales close or to rejection.’

He shows how closing that loop in a disciplined way has yielded big returns:

By using closed-loop-feedback, Nortel Networks, watched their revenues from sales leads double every quarter for six consecutive quarters. Also, their close rate on sales leads has increased by 500% since they kicked off the program.’

Check out Brian’s Closed Loop Feedback: The Missing Lead Generation Huddle to see the detailed step-by-step huddle plan to increase you conversion rate.

(Via B2B Lead Generation Blog.)


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