Connecting Marketing and Sales

Brian Carroll comments on a critical tenants of effective customer acquisition–bridging the marketing to sales gap, an opportunity on which the vision for Kaleidico and ultimately our product icoSales was formed upon.
This is a brief review of how icoSales attempts to efficiently facilitate the collaboration Sherri Leopard advocates on
1. Sales and Marketing collaboring in defining leads and marketing objectives–icoSales allows marketing and sales managers to manage multiple marketing and lead channels directly through the lead management system
2. What gets measured gets done–icoSales tracks both marketing and sales metrics in a single analytics package that hold the entire lead lifecycle accountable
3. Focus on the data points you REALLY need to measure in your CRM–conversion and sales velocity are the fundamental factors to production, so we put them under intense FOCUS
4. Is your value proposition clear? Does your sales team have sales-ready messaging? & 5. Create content that’s relevant for each stage of the buying cycle–icoSales allows sales professionals and teams to manage and track templated and custom email campaigns
Connecting marketing and sales with collaboration, feedback, accountability, and transparency will maximize organizational targets. Focus on the complete value chain from customer inquiry to fulfillment.
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