Increase Your Call Velocity with Time-based Selling

There are a lot of solutions like predictive dialer and negative dialers that specifically help call centers increase their call speed, but a successful sales team knows that the real key is increasing call velocity. Velocity is the combination of speed and direction. This describes calls that progressively move sales through your pipeline.

I always emphasize velocity over speed in any sales process. Your calls may be longer and deeper than another approach, but each are designed to move the overall pipeline at a faster close rate. Here are some techniques to increase this velocity:

Organize your call approach based on your customer’s time perspective
Remember all times should be relative to your customer’s time perspective, not your so monitor the time zone:

6-8 am: First thing in the morning (before most even are in the office) use your voicemail pitch to hit as many (work number) voicemail boxes as possible before customers start picking up their phones. You can easily be the first thing your customer has on their mind when they hit the office and set up for yourself 10-20 easy inbound calls for later in the day

8-9 am: Now switch to your two-step pitch and hit the mobile phone numbers. In this pitch you know they are driving to work, you have their undivided attention, but they do not have the comfort to close a complex deal. So, you use this time to set-up scheduled appointments and call-backs. This is an easy commitment and typically how indiviuals manage calls while driving.

9 am-2 pm: These are the hard contact hours. This is when you leverage your earlier work and you have call backs scheduled with appointments or your inbound calls from your voicemails are kicking in. In the open slots switch to home phone numbers and try to contact stay-at-home spouses.

2-5 pm: This is a great time to catch people at work as they are winding down. They are often fatigued from the busy day and are willing to take a call that is about something other than work. This may also be a good time to schedule a follow-up call with their spouse that evening when they get home.

5-7 pm: Pull out the drive time pitch again. This, like the morning call, is a great time to catch customers in their car and focused on you to build trust and repoire and get an appointment scheduled.

7-9 pm: These are closing calls. Especially if they are scheduled appointments. They have all of their information and their spouse. Decisions are often made in this time slot.

Time relative selling helps to make every call forward progress and maximizes every opportunity from the customer’s perspective. So, use time to your advantage to increase the velocity of your sales pipeline.


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