High Velocity Sales

You have heard me say this before, but it is important to repeat–The Internet is a two-way communication channel! That means you sales process needs to change if you are used to relationship/referral sales or inbound call sales. Not that these are not critical components, they just have a differnet placement and role. So what are the top things to remember in high velocity selling?

    The client is expecting your call, today!–don’t disappoint that means 80 calls per day to cover new leads and pipeline, even in a small shop
    Every one uses cell phones and they all drop calls–start with “Do you have a pen and paper? Here is my name and telephone number…Let me verify yours”
    The client has communicated her intention to buy–don’t open with a sales pitch open with a needs assessment
    The client is using the channel for convenience–don’t make it inconvenient foreshadow the time and the process
    Your competitor is talking to your clients–foreshadow tricks that the other guys play; these seeds will drive up the trust and the client back to you
    Your voice, attitude, and process are your primary sales tools–listen to your calls, have others listen to your calls

Call often, listen to your client’s goals and objectives, and use your 5 min on the phone efficiently. These are the keys to high velocity selling.


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