Online Advertising Brings New Lead Management Challenges

Advertiser’s notable shift to the online media is causing real challenges in obtaining acceptable ROIs due to a lack of effective lead management. The challenge is created by the lack of realization that online marketing channels are two-way (asychronous, even worse) communication mediums. Whereas traditional print and broadcast media is one way. To be more specific, in these mediums we project the message and wait for customers to take action through an alternate action channel (i.e., a retail outlet or calling my call center). As a result, many companies created very capable, with sophisticated call routing technology, inbound call centers.

Here in lies the problem. I hear objections to online advertising like this: “I advertise online, but the ROI is horrible.” Why? Because, they are waiting for the phone to ring. Meanwhile, all of the customers are in their email box with messages like “I am interested in your product give me a call” or “I want a couple of the XL widgets.”

The online ad channel is a two-way communication channel and that is why it is critical to effective capture and intelligently route these (data) requests for products and services. This requires a lead management system with the same level of intelligence and sophistication that you use to route your calls, or you will lose sales and never achieve an acceptable ROI.


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