Reports Don’t Convert

Although metrics and analytics are critical to the continual improvement of any business process, it does not ensure what you have learned will get implemented. This can be a critical disconnect in high velocity business process. One example of this is online media buying. These purchases are made in large quantities, and in the case of lead buys, arrive potentially in real time direct from the consumer. Here is where the danger begins.

Even with the best measures, analytical capabilities, observation, and trend spotting the results are only as good as the analyst and their connectivity to technology implementation. Unfortunately, both critical components are then further degraded by attention deficiencies.

This is why it is critical to ensure your lead management solution has the intelligence and learning system embedded. This intelligence will, with your directed (goals driven) weightings or inputs, ensure what you are learning about contact, application, submission, and funding rates gets implemented into your sales process. This active feedback system also allows your critical lead analyst to get out of the rudimentary tasks of allocating an re-distributing leads and back into detecting the subtle trends that give you the edge in media buying and sales process–revenue effecting activities.


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