You’re Building Rapport, but are You Building Urgency?

Building rapport is a tool we all put in our sales arsenal, but are you using it to build a sense of urgency. The mortgage sales process gives a lot of opportunity to build rapport with your customer. You ask about their home, their job, their income, their assets, their kids, and each question can help you build a stronger relationship. But, are you using these rapport questions to create the sense of urgency that gets your customer to close? Let’s look at a couple of conversations you have probably had and look for the opportunity to create urgency: (R=Rapport, U=Urgency)

R: How is the school district where you are looking at buying?
U: You must be real anxious to get into this new house?

R: Is your home the way you want it, or anything you don’t currently like about it?
U: This home equity or cash-out refinance will help you finally get that basement finished?

R: What is it that you do? Do you enjoy it?
U: The job market is really tight these days, is your company pretty secure?

R: Have your investments being doing well?
U: The market has been tough to predict lately, are you saving as much as you would like?

R: How old are your kids?
U: Have you started planning for their education?

The next time you are building rapport on a sales call make sure you are pivoting to a point of urgency that shows the value of immediately closing the deal.

2 responses to “You’re Building Rapport, but are You Building Urgency?

  1. This technique has been helpful. I have incorporated it into my business and it does work.

  2. Matt,

    I am happy to hear that and I wish the best for your business! I have learned in my sales career that building urgency is the second most missed skill by most sales people–believe it our not, second to asking for the deal.


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