Contacts Create Sales

Ever close a deal when you didn’t call your leads sheets, return your calls, or make your scheduled appointments. Absolutely not, because closing is about contact rate and contact rate is about diligently, consistently, and recurrently calling on your leads.

This seems intuitive, but once you build a pipeline of hundreds of leads much of your calling time can be taken up by figuring out to who and when to call. This is where lead management becomes important. Having a system in place that allows your sales force to stay on the phone and in contact with customers is critical as pipelines increase and customers continue to expect a higher velocity of closing. Spreadsheets and call sheets will quickly lead to confusion and leads (money) falling on the floor or worse to your competition.

A capable lead management system can be the difference between 25 and 80 calls per day and the difference between 5 and 20 deals per loan officer per month. Increase you contact frequency and velocity and increase you sales.


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