Increasing Conversion with the Numbers

It is probably just the fantasy baseball juice running through my veins and the player stats rolling around in my head, but I have been thinking more about the concept of analyzing and LISTENING to the numbers in managing your marketing and sales efforts.

Let’s use a quick baseball analogy for simplicity. In baseball we are playing for wins. So, as any Moneyballreader (BTW, for you fantasy baseball junkies Fantasylandis another must read) can tell you that is about increasing created runs by increasing your probability to get on base.

Now let’s loosely apply that to thinking about a similarly “Art of Winning an Unfair Game”–converting marketing generated leads. The current state of the art is that organizations must rely on the athleticism of their sales force to adjust to all of the different lead types and customer needs thrown at them and try to walk them into a finite set of products or services they can retain in their human brain. Now imagine if you could look at their historical performance and identify their sweetspots. This would allow you to route to them only the pitches (I mean leads) that they are likely to hit out of the park.

This is the principle behind the icoSales conversion engine, but it is often hard for lenders to understand what you don’t have to do when you implement a conversion engine. When you use the numbers you don’t have to: (1) prioritize leads at the organizational level, you are maximizing priorities at the individual level, (2) organize product or marketing specific teams, and (3) send your “best leads” to your “best loan officers” because both terms are relative to each other.


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